What is E-waste? Any electronic device that has been discarded by its former user because it's broken, old or obsolete. If possible, it is best to fix or have your old electronics refurbished so they can be given a longer or second life. Once it's obsolete or non-repairable, devices need to be recycled responsibly.

Items we recycle

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories

Old cellphones (grandpa phones, Dinophones etc)
Smartphones (cracked screens, software errors etc)
Laptops PCs & servers (all types, excl monitors)
Accessories (chargers, cables, sims, memory cards etc)
Laptops & PC accessories (chargers, keyboards, mice etc)
All other portable devices
Excludes kitchen and household appliances

Is ewaste dangerous?

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories

Old electronic equipment contains toxic substances and materials, so ewaste is considered hazardous waste in South Africa. These substances include:

  • Lithium Ion (from batteries)
  • Lead (used to solder components)
  • Mercury (used in screens)
  • Cadmium (used in screens)
  • Beryllium (used in screens)
  • brominated flame retardants - BFR (used in plastics)
These toxic ingredients have long-term effects such as cancer, DNA damage, or birth defects. It's vital that old electronics are not simply thrown into the trash.

These small devices pack a large amount of minerals and toxic materials. Up to 70 different elements are used to make a smartphone. These minerals are finite and we need these minerals to make the next generation of devices. 8 out of 10 people have some ewaste stored at home, which is dangerous. Lithium batteries can explode or leak harful chemicals. A single phone battery can contaminate 600 000 litres of ground water.

It's simple (and legal) to recycle with us. Let us know via WhatsApp® what items you need recycled and we'll do the rest:
1. Our qualified recycling partner will arrange collection
2. Paperwork and recycling certificate(s) will be issued.
3. A personal Facebook® thank you for being a "RECYCLING HERO"

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