Whether a private or business client, we handle all information with the utmost confidentiality. Our privacy policy is detailed below & you can download a PDF version

We take confidentiality seriously. At no time will we share, transfer, trade or sell any of your personal information or parts thereof. General statistics (that are not personally identifiable) may be used to benchmark our company, staff performance or improve our products and services.

In terms of preventing organised crime and under the direction of a legally authourised entity under specific conditions, MEWASTE SA™ may be compelled to provide such entity with requested information that may include personal data.

When you contact us, in any way, we may make a note of this interaction if it is relevant to your client record. This allows us to provide a higher level of ongoing customer care. When you contact us, we may ask for certain information to be able to fulfill our obligations under Southern African law. This also allows us to answer your questions quickly and accurately. We will keep your personal details, given to us by you or others during your relationship with us, strictly confidential. These include:

  • details on application forms, telephonic conversations or in person
  • details provided in the retail or recycling process
  • details from credit reference and fraud detection agencies.

We are legally obliged to adequately protect your personal information and prevent unauthourised access and use of your personal information. Our security policies and procedures cover:

  • physical security
  • computer & network security
  • access to personal information
  • retention & disposal of information
  • acceptable usage of personal information
  • your personal information to access and use our online & offline services

You agree that we may use and update this centrally held information:

  • for credit & related services and to manage your accounts
  • to provide you with other services related to recycling
  • to identify other products and services which might be suitable
  • to recover debts, prevent or detect fraud, money laundering and to check your identity
We may also use your information for research and statistical analysis with the aim of improving our services.

In terms of the following legislation and best practise:

  • National Environmental Management Act 107 of 1998
  • National Environmental Management Waste Act 59 of 2008
  • 2nd Hand Goods Act 6 of 2006
  • Precious Metals Act * of 2005
  • Cape Town City Integrated Waste Management By-law of 2009
  • POPI Act 4 of 2013
Any item that we collect for recycling must be entered onto our recycling database including:
  • The owner's name & address
  • The owner's ID or Passport number
  • The owner's postal & physical address
  • Description of the item
  • Details of the item (IMEI or SERIAL NUMBER)
  • Location of collection
  • Whether the item works or not
  • Faults on the unit (where possible)
Stolen items are immediately reported to the South African Police Services!

MEWASTE SA™ partners with certified companies to safely and legally recycle items. When received, these items are digitally and physically sanitised. All info (including photos, videos, sound recordings, contacts & any other info) is erased in terms of the Protection Of Personal Info Act 4 of 2013:

  • Working mobile phones are factory reset
  • Working phone memory is then deleted with a special app
  • Non-working phone memory chips are destroyed
  • Laptop & PC hard drives & SSD drives are physically destroyed using an electric drill
  • Other devices with memory chips are physically destroyed using an electric drill

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