• A tale of mystery, frustration and determination


    I walked into a mobile repair store to replace a Blackberry® battery. My query as to what happens to the old battery, as I had quite a few at home was met with a "its thrown into the bin" reply. That just didn't make sense, so I left with a new battery; and the old one to add to my collection.

  • A different approach


    Realizing I couldn't do this on my own, I developed a people driven approach to recycling in the communities that need it most. This initiative focuses on the safe and legal recycling of mobile devices and it's accessories. Members are rewarded for their recycling efforts with the latest info, competitions and discount coupons.I hope you enjoy using the MEWASTE SA™ service. Please let me know if you have suggestions or improvements. Happy recycling! Signed MJ

  • First step: What the community thinks

    12 September, 2015

    We surveyed 800 people in the Mitchell's Plain area about eWaste and it's dangers. Participants were rewarded with a strawberry lollipop. Most people had the same issue, "Where do we recycle eWaste in our community?". A special thank you to all those kind participants for their support and suggestions.

  • Safe & Legal recycling guarantee

    20 September, 2015

    We are serious about recycling, so these steps have been taken to ensure legal compliance:

  • Proof of Concept, West Gate Mall

    12 December, 2015

    Our first retail mall collection event was held at West Gate Mall, Mitchell's Plain. The 3 hour event was education driven and focused on the 12 to 18 year old age group, although we received great interest from a wider age group. Total assets recycled at the event included laptops, mobile phones, accessories (including batteries and chargers).

  • Doing great, by doing good.

    20 December, 2015

    We refurbished 6 handsets, of which:

    • 3 Handsets were donated to Saartjie Baartman Centre
    • Handset donated to elderly member (Westridge Community, MP)
    • 2 Handsets will receive new homes soon.

  • 2015, Year in Review

    30 December, 2015

    Driven by the enthusiasm of our volunteers and supporters, in our test phase of three (3) months, we managed to reach the following targets:

    • 492 Items collected
    • 52 Rewards distributed
    • 9 Youths trained & employed
    • Gender of Team: Female (7) and Male(2)

  • Wow! We are now part of SAEWA

    01 August, 2016

    MEWASTE SA™ officially becomes an affiliate member of the South African Ewaste Alliance. With the industry bodies support, skills and training; we aim to become Cape Town's number 1 mobile phone recycler. Well done Team MEWASTE SA™!

  • City of Cape Town Accreditation

    31 March, 2017

    In terms of the City of Cape Town's Integrated Waste Management By-Law of 2009, and engaging with the City since September 2015, meWaste formally submitted its accreditation application and supporting documents on the 31st March 2017. We are now accredited.

  • BETA testing

    01 July, 2017

    Testing of our online recycling CMS to provide a superior service to our rewards members....

  • United Nations University

    11 September, 2018

    Completed our United Nations University certification in Berlin, Germany. Thank you to the UNU Team!

  • Rapid Incubator, Centre for Entrepreneurship

    21 November, 2018

    Our start-up business has been accepted into the Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator, based at Falsebay College, Westlake Campus. This promises to add real value to our products & services.

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