As a consumer, you have the power of choice. From choosing the latest device with the coolest accessories, to how it will eventually be disposed of. And that choice comes with a personal responsibility to yourself, your family, the community and the planet.

Where does your ewaste go?

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories

Discarded, broken or obsolete electronics all go somewhere:

The dirt bin?
You want your broken electronics gone so it should go into the dirt bin. Wrong! It's the start of the process that leads to a local landfill. Toxic materials from your electronics stand a good chance of polluting our environment, poisoning our water, soil, wildlife, and our neighbors.

Friends and family, or forgotten in a draw?
Tons of old electronics, games, stereos, computers, and cell phones are lying forgotten at home in garages, cupboards and drawers. Many consumers keep it as a backup device or think they'll reuse their old device. So they carefully store it, but eventually it gets forgotten. Quite a few consumers feel it has some value and hope to sell it even though its old, broken or obsolete.

Non-certified "ewaste recyclers"
Taking your ewaste to these informal buyers or formal "repair" stores seems like a good option. But be aware, non certified recyclers strip devices for metals or circuit boards and the rest is dumped (including plastics, glass screens and batteries). Without the assurance of compliance certification, it is doubtful your e-waste will be recycled safely, ethically, and responsibly.

Why you should recycle with us

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories


Recycle the legal away
By recycling your ewaste with certified recyclers, you are guaranteed that it will be done legally and safely. Our focus is protecting our clients, our staff and ultimately the environment

Reclaiming limited resources
Electronics contain up to 70 different minerals that consume a lot of energy when mined, refined, and manufactured and will be lost for future use if not recycled. These minerals are limited, and the next generation of your favourite smartphone will need it.

Your privacy
Your old devices might contain your personal info such as photos, passwords, mail & messaging, bank and account details. This puts you at risk of cyber crimes such as theft, identity theft, blackmail or forgery.

Get rewarded for recycling your ewaste

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories

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