Small and large business clients can benefit from our responsible IT asset recycling and reuse. We also provide a customised program for your staff, that motivates, boosts productivity and increases personal well being. Our BBEEE level 1 (135%) credentials adds real value to your Corporate Social Responsibility and Enterprise Development goals.

Corporate recycling

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories

Discarded, broken or obsolete electronics has to go somewhere:

IT assets
(You want your broken electronics gone so it goes into the dirt bin. Wrong! It's the start of the process that leads to a local landfill. Toxic materials from your electronics stand a good chance of polluting our environment, poisoning our water, soil, wildlife, and our neighbors.)

Company data
With stacks of hard drives (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) lying about, your business is at risk as it contains sensitive data. In the past, our clients insisted on physical destruction which contributed to environmental harm. Currently, the preferred method to achieve data sanitisation and comply with data protection regulations is secure data erasure via software. This over-writes all disc sectors and therefore your data with ones and zeros. The data is rendered unrecoverable and achieves data sanitation.

Certified "ewaste recycler"
Taking your ewaste to these informal buyers or formal "repair" stores seems like a good option. But be aware, non certified recyclers strip devices for metals or circuit boards and the rest is dumped (including plastics, glass screens and batteries). This creates the possibility of your sensitive data being recoverable by individuals with malacious intent. Without the assurance of compliance certification, it is also doubtful your e-waste will be recycled safely, ethically, and responsibly.

Recycling your assets with a certified recycler demonstrates your environmental commitment to your industry, clients and staff. Many of our clients use this opportunity to market their ethical business practises.

Customised internal program

Electronic waste in Cape Town, phones, laptops, smartphones, mobile accessories

Regardless of your industry, motivated employees are an asset. Our customised program offers your employees a great way to be involved in your recycling objectives and earn rewards. Each campaign includes a branded domain (e.g., re-enforces your business values and focuses on different types of recognition levels.

Boost productivity
Why have an annual team building exercise when you can have a constant team building program. A motivated employee is a more productive employee, which invariably impacts on your bottom-line.

Increase personal well being
On a personal level, humans are hard-wired to feel better when there actions are recognised. Whether its a personal thank you note or a small gift. By offering rewards in the form of devices, data and accessories, your staff will feel amazing.

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