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  • Gel covers

    Bumps and knocks happen. Provide shock protection for your smart device with these high quality polyurathene gel cases. Various colors available.

    Shock protection
  • Tablet covers

    For 7 to 10 inch tablets of various brands. The tough tough and durable rubber tablet cases protects your device. Need a keyboard too? Choose either USB or Bluetooth connection.

    Durable rubber tablet cases
  • Screen protectors

    Tempered glass screen protection for the most expensive component of your device.

    Tempered glass screen protectors
  • Hero deals

    PC, laptop, gaming accessories: including peripherals, power-banks, cables, chargers, keyboards, wireless mouse, bluetooth devices, controllers and other accessories.

    Various mobile accessories
  • Sim cards - Coming soon

    Sim cards from Cell C®, Telkom Mobile®, MTN® and Vodacom®. For new network customers and porting.

    Various mobile accessories
  • Data - Coming soon

    For your data needs, we'll be offering data packages that are loaded directly onto your existing sim card or on new sims.

    Various mobile accessories
  • Devices - Coming soon

    New and refurbished portable devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs

    Various mobile accessories

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